Fishers of Men West Coast is a fellowship of men and women who share their experiences, strength, and faith  in God through their shared love of fishing. We are dedicated to the idea of spending quality time together while fishing and serving others. We believe that through this quality time spent together, God strengthens and restores relationships, both in friendships and in our families.  We also believe that serving people together, shoulder to shoulder, further deepens our relationships with God and each other. Because of this, we desire to participate in charitable events whenever possible, giving back to the impoverished communities that serve fishermen. This we do through shoe giveaway events that bless families with a pair of shoes, as well as other small gestures of love. We also like to use our influence to pass on the love of fishing to those who might not otherwise get to experience it.  This includes local impoverished communities and young people who don't have healthy family structures, or a means to learn about fishing.  


Fishers of Men West Coast is a non-profit organization, fully supported by donations, and is not affiliated with any church, organization, denomination, or institution. We partner with any who love fishing, and seek to love people. All contributions are tax deductible.

Fishers of Men West Coast - Casting4Souls 2017 Servant Team

Fishers of Men West Coast - Casting4Souls 2017 Servant Team


n 2004, Jack McCulloch and Walt Hatch flew to La Paz, Mexico to fish in an Annual Dorado Shootout. After a great day on the water, they took home the trophy! Their winnings included a free trip back to Hotel Punta Colorada in La Ribera, BCS, MX the following year. They decided to share their wonderful experience with their closest friends and family so, in 2005, 10 men flew to the East Cape, and had the time of their lives! Most caught marlin, tuna, or dorado in one of the greatest fishing sanctuaries in the known world: the Sea of Cortez. No one left without an ice chest full of fish, but more importantly, a full heart.  Relationships had been restored and deepened, and experiences shared.  Even though the fishing was world renown, it was because of the meaningful time together that everyone knew someone else they wanted to bring with them the following year.  In 2006, about 30 men came to Punta Colorada, in what would become an annual fishing tournament.  In 2007, nearly 60 men attended, and Fishers of Men West Coast was born.  

Shortly after the tournament in 2007, this area of the East Cape was devastated by Hurricane Henrietta. Jack McCulloch prayerfully saw a need and, moved by the poverty, simplicity, and kindness of the people, he reached out to Soles4Souls© and shoe manufacturers to help by donating shoes for the community. The first Casting 4 Souls event took place at Hotel Playa De Cortez in Los Barriles, BCS, MX, that year with only six volunteers.  Thousands of villagers turned out, and the team knew that the opportunity to serve was much greater than they expected.  Soon, because of the generosity of sponsors, and a growing fellowship of committed servants, the event grew to include children's shoes, clothing, optical care, Spanish Bibles, and a prayer station for the hurting.  Fishers of Men West Coast had lovingly stumbled upon a God-given purpose: love the poor by meeting physical needs, even as you meet their greater need: to be loved.  

In 2012, Fishers of Men West Coast became a 501c3 charitable organization. They sponsor the annual Casting 4 Souls event in Los Barriles, BCS, MX, along with other charitable events as they line up with their vision of faith, family, and fishing. 

Fishers of Men West Coast looks forward to a bright future of service through quarterly events, fundraisers, and outreaches, both locally, and internationally.  God has done more in this short amount of time than anyone could ask or imagine, as they share His love through their common love: Fishing.  


"...Come and follow Me, and I will make you to become fishers of men."  Matt. 4:19