Dec 8 Full Day Fishing on the Enterprise @ Pierpoint Landing


Fundraising/meet and greet trip with Fishers Of Men West Coast.

Electronic tickets purchased via this site are $103.50 per ticket.

*Tickets to be bought with cash must be turned in to verified Fishers Of Men West Coast representative

*Payment by Check no later than 11/15 sent to Fishers Of Men West Coast

The Enterprise

“3/4 day trips fish for yellowtail, white seabass, barracuda, calico bass, sand bass and rockfish along the Island and coastal waters.

The Enterprise is a spacious 85 ft. boat that carries 90 passengers and is equipped with modern fishing technology. This boat also contains a large size bait tank and two bathrooms located on either side of the boat. While fishing on the Enterprise, you will be accompanied by our friendly and experienced crew that are more than welcome to help you with any of your fishing needs.”