Serving Others — Casting4Souls Baja Norte 2018

Lori and I were blessed to participate in the Fishers of Men West Coast La Misión Outreach recently, distributing shoes to individuals and families in need of new footwear. We were overwhelmed by the care and love that we experienced on that day. Our fellow volunteers were wonderful to work with as were the community members of the village that helped to set up the venue for this event. While we gave over 1100 pair of shoes throughout the day, what we received in return spiritually was far greater than what we gave. The graciousness and gratitude of the people we served was amazing. The satisfaction and happiness that we felt when a youngster received a pair of new shoes they really liked warmed our hearts and lifted our spirits. There’s nothing like seeing a little one’s eyes light up when they get a new pair of shoes!

Serving graphic.jpg

The quiet grace and dignity of the older, hard working men and women who stood patiently in line for a new pair of shoes was an affirmation of the good in people, giving us a better perspective of gratitude and desire to serve. Participating in the event reaffirmed our faith in God, our hope in mankind, and the knowledge that by sharing with others, you are rewarded a thousand-fold.

Thanks to all the organizers and volunteers for taking us into the fold, and to Jack and Larry for their tireless work on this event.

- Rob T


Jack/Apryl McCulloch