Casting4Souls Baja Norte 2018


“No person stands so tall as when they kneel down to help their fellow man”

That is the spirit, attitude and commitment that was experienced by over 1100 recipients along with over 50 leaders and volunteers and at the 2nd Annual Fishers of Men West Coast La Mision Outreach.

FOM WC , and its teams including folks from the US,  residents in the La Mision area and the local church served over 1100 people in providing new shoes, socks, shirts and a new Bible if desired, as an demonstration  of Gods love for them manifested through service.  

Beautifully, while many of the volunteers are faithful Christians, many are not believers or followers of Christ and have a heart to serve.  As we work together side by side in love and service, friendships are formed, bonds developed, and we begin to know, understand and care for each other.   

For many people who came from the town, and the surrounding areas this may be the only pair of shoes they receive for the year.  A simple act of meeting a material need like a new pair of high quality New Balance shoes enables many individuals, to more readily travel to work, school, or their daily errands with dignity, safer from injury, and a sense of personal goodwill.  For some it will be the means to allow them to begin improving their lives.

Most importantly it sends a message in a real and tangible way through the volunteers and this improvement in their material need that God does care about them, that He can provide and that they are not alone in the struggles of life.

During the weekend trip many heard the Gospel message shared in the adjoining park by Pastor Rob of Calvary Chapel La Mision.  

Our folks at the Bible handout station and others who simply took the time to introduce themselves and ask the recipients about themselves, were able to pray and share the truth of the Bible with those who were asking and open to hear.  

God Works :  

In a profound time of fellowship, a single mother with 2 jobs and a family, shared intimately the burdens and struggles she has endured from childhood until now.  These were truly shackles of pain and misery she carried for 20 years feeling she had done something wrong……..but those chains were broken and cast off as she came to unburden her heart and hear the truth that Christ sets us free from all things!

Come join us on our next Outreach to be announced soon.

Sean McCulloch